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  1. kondorr

    The cover is awesome. I have this issue as part of the compendium, with a less appealing coverart.
    Loved the story too.
    Much later in the chronology this author will take over the darkness ongoing, making the darkness really Something special.

  2. kondorr

    Sorry… I ment David hine. .. got my authors mixed up. The heaster run is ok too, but the hine run is amazing.

  3. thecomicsourceblog@gmail.com

    No worries. I didn’t think Hester had a long run on The Darkness. I would love to meet David Hine at some point

  4. Kondorr

    I forgot to mention something… I think you guys should go back to this issue and check the red dragon on the leash… it is more than just some random Darkness monster… just so you know… I did notice it, thanks to rereading these issues with you…

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