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  1. Kondorr

    I liked the issue also, although, reading it the first time, I hoped to get to know more on the origin of the Witchblade, I hoped to know, how it got there… especially this being the earliest tale in the chronology.

    What I did not like that much, was that the plan to prove the intentions of Bastet was kinda bonkers… which led me to wondering how Raquel reacted so very differently to the Witchblade than Sara thousands of years later…
    I got the impression, that Raquel was a very understanding and heartfelt person in the beginning, turning directly into a sociopath after putting on the Witchblade.

    As for the availability of Raquels story in trade form, I found that these were not collected into TPB. There is the “Distinctions” TPB that collects issues 1 – 6, and there are two smaller collections each with two issues.

  2. thecomicsourceblog@gmail.com

    Yeah they really flipped the script in the second part as far as the roles of the women. Manny and I talk about that in the next episode. I hadn’t considered that the Witchblade had caused this. I just thought that she always had the tendencies to be petty, jealous and conceited and tat once gaining the power of the Witchblade she no longer had to pretend to “be nice” because she felt she had the power to do what she wanted. Thanks for the continued support and feedback Kondorr!

  3. Kondorr

    Yeah, that makes sense for her to have been this way from the start… I always blamed the Witchblade in this case…

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