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  1. Kondorr

    Again great to listen to you guys…
    just wanted to say, that I love how you guys try to dissect stuff and read it with “Intellect mode=on” but this way you are going to get disappointed fast.

    There is one thing I do not agree with you.
    I think Sara’s behavior was not really THAT out of character. She does have all those thought bubbles all over the issues, were she gets emotional, but on the outside she is always quite tough.

    Now, what Irons did:
    First he had her partner killed, than he “saved” her on liberty island, then he courted her, dressed her like a princess, stripped her down form her strength… than Nottingham toyed with her feelings (she was definitely attracted to him physically)
    So her high school girl behavior was in my opinion a natural emotional breakdown, where someone tough, has let down her guard, opened up to someone, only to have it massively abused.
    In the end she has to upheld the tough act in front of her all-male colleagues at the precinct, in front of her minor friend Lisa and in front of her out of control sister…
    She was all to glad, when there was this opportunity to shed the act and maybe get the strength, she projected to others, from someone else, only to be massively punished for letting her guard down.
    I really think Sara’s insecurity and overemotional behavior is realized very well and is one of the things that superhero comics rarely get right.
    Then there is this Scientology stand in, where Irons is involved, so he has some experience with mind manipulation, he does not need superhuman emo-altering powers…

    Now Jake is something else… he has no excuse for acting like a minor reject… but THAT is another story all together.

    I know, the Lisa-arc seems to go nowhere… but… well…

  2. thecomicsourceblog@gmail.com

    Some good points Kondorr. I wonder how much the difference in our perspectives is due to the fact you have read so much more of the Top Cow universe than us. Anyway I talked about your comments in episode 9, so we appreciate the feedback and we hope you keep listening and tell your fellow comic readers about our podcast.

  3. Justine Rainer

    speaking from the female perspective Sarah is going through a typical romance want or need , she’s having the Rich powerful knight type fantasy with Ken Irons she’s being treated as a princess wearing fancy expensive dress and jewelry something I doubt she gotten being a police detective so where she might have had other lovers or minor interests in partners such as Jake she honestly really more gets pissed cause Jake comes in all angry like and with the pictures ruining her Cinderella moment which all of girls have , its a female things, just like we obsess over are wedding day. … remember at this point she doesn’t realize Ken’s not really a Knight in shining Armor

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