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  1. Kondorr

    Hi there guys, nice podcast… I hope you get to like the book, but I have to warn you… there is a point around the 2nd year, where things get quality wise totally out of hands… so be ready for a lot of cheese… 😀 and only the occasional diamond in the rough…

    But once you get to Ron Marz and then Stjepan Sejic… it explodes with quality…
    It is a guilty pleasure with a lot of misses and some hits until issue 80 with a lot of problems… but keep reading… it is totally worth it 😛

    (Think Tank kinda works in this Chronology 😉 )

  2. thecomicsourceblog@gmail.com

    Thanks for the kind words fellows. Please help us grow the listening audience by telling your fellow comic book readers about us. I think one thing that is great and unique about this podcast is we are reading these books for the first time and giving our initial reactions. So it would be very easy for someone who isn;t even familiar with Top Cow to follow along and discover the universe with us. As far as cheese goes Kondorr … well I had a comic store in the 90’s so I know all about the cheese!

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